The people who live in Broken Arrow enjoy a high quality of life, characterized by a low crime rate, high-performing schools, with plentiful and affordable housing. Our community design prioritizes livability, centering daily life around easy-to-access outdoor spaces, a downtown arts and culture district, and public recreational facilities. 

Despite the city’s large land area (55 square miles), commute times are low due in part to our excellent traffic grid management, making getting around town fast and stress-free. 

A youthful and thriving community

Our community takes special pride in being a great place to raise a family. In addition to being one of the safest communities in the nation, Broken Arrow has outstanding facilities for sports, music, and the arts with over $50 million invested in city revitalization projects. 

With a median home value of $160K and an average household income of about $80K, Business Week calls Broken Arrow one of the most affordable suburbs in the south.

Cost of living

The cost of living index in Broken Arrow is more than 10% below the national average. With an average household income of over $79,374 per year—nearly 20% above the average in the U.S.—residents of the City enjoy more disposable income than those who live in other similarly-sized cities.


With our continued growth, Broken Arrow adds new housing to our community every year, from family homes to downtown apartment living. In 2019, we started 571 new homes to accommodate residents. Our city has twice been named the best place for first-time homebuyers by WalletHub.

Nick and Jaime Parker, Born Again Restored, LLC

“Broken Arrow is home. It’s like turning back a page in time to the way things used to be. Restaurants and shops are just steps away where folks greet you by name. Opportunities are endless and hospitality overflows. Community Lives Here”.

Vince Smith, FedEx

“I moved to Broken Arrow just before the holiday season and it immediately felt like home. Over the course of my career, I’ve lived in 4 different states with about 6 different addresses and Broken Arrow has been by far the most comfortable move and transition. What I was immediately shocked with in Broken Arrow, is how genuine the people are. From neighbors to auto part store employees to restaurants it was wonderful to come across so many helpful people.

Broken Arrow has the bigger city amenities without losing its unique character. I’m proud to be a resident of the city. Proud of the education my children are receiving from exceptional teachers, and proud to be a part of the business community.”