1050 E Tucson St S

Front Entrance, 1) Large reception area, 2) Two check in rooms, 3) Public restrooms, 4) Pull down shades on all windows, Training Area, 1) Large 30 x 40 area, 2) Rubber floor on all of training area, 3) Metal covering on all 1/2 walls, 4) Three exit doors to outside play areas, Observation Area, 1) One way mirror to indoor area play areas for large and small dogs to observe dogs at play, 2) These indoor play areas are heated and cooled and have rubber floors, 3) There is a holding area for carts to transport each dogs food, toys, etc to kennel area, Employee Lounge Area, 1) Employee kitchen with fridge, sink, cabinets, coffee, microwave, and toaster oven, 2) Sofa bed and TV, 3) Employee bathroom with shower, Office Work Area, 1) All computer and telephone central area, 2) Monitor with 12 areas of kennel and property on screen, Work Area, 1) Two dog bathing stations, 2) Dog baths have Bath Master mixer for shampoo, 3) Washer and dryer, 4) Fridge for dogs, 5) Dish washer to clean all bowls, etc, 6) Large double sink, 7) Table ledge to hold dogs, Kennels, 1) 25 4 x 6 kennels. 3 kennels with roll up doors to outside, 2) 75 4 x 4 kennels. 1 kennel with roll up door to outside turf area, 3) There are 4 kennel runs. Each kennel run opens to its own outside potty yard, 4) Gates throughout kennel open and close to separate areas and contain dogs, 5) Gates on each kennel are custom made, 6) Small dog kennel room has 24 kennels, 7) All potty yard open to large play area, 8) Three floor drains in each kennel run, 9) Ventilation: 20 foot ceiling in kennel with cross ventilation to eliminate odor, 10) Storage space above each kennel for food, toys, etc, 11) Hardened acrylic paint on all floors, Wet/Dry Vacuum, 1) Eight outlets in kennel. Other connections throughout building., 2) Soap or chemicals can be mixed at any time to sanitize, Play Areas, 1) Small and large dog play area covered with artificial turf, 2) Shade over most of area, 3) Sprinkler system over turf area to clean, 4) Counting potty yards there are 10 separate play areas the largest is 2.5 acres, 5) Outside entrance to play area is double gate, 6) All fencing is 6 foot chain link, 7) Two inground benches in large play area, 8) 18 x 20 storage shed at back of large play area, Future, !) Future veterinarian office plans are available, Business lines/Services offered: day care, boarding, training, and grooming

  • Broker First Name: Curt 
  • Broker Last Name: Roberts 
  • Broker Email Address: croberts@mcgrawok.com 
  • Status: Available 
  • Year Built: 2,018 
  • Is For Sale:
  • Sale Price: $2,400,000 
  • Is For Lease:
  • Lease Cost: $2,400,000 
  • Address1: 1050 E Tucson St S 
  • Address City: Broken Arrow 
  • Address County: Tulsa 
  • Address State: OK 
  • Latitude (Geo-coded): 35.99 
  • Longitude (Geo-coded): -95.78 

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